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Climate change is affecting our communities, our businesses, our Pacific neighbours and the poorest people in the world. It is threatening to unwind the progress made over the last 60 years in the fight against poverty.

That is why Oxfam partnered last year with 15 other leading international development agencies and demanded political parties agree on a new plan to tackle climate change: a Zero Carbon Bill. We were succesful but our job is not finished. We must ensure that the Zero Carbon Bill we worked so hard for is robust and ensures a positive future for our children and our Pacific neighbours. This means we must continue fighting to ensure that the Zero Carbon Bill includes international commitments to tackle climate change.

Every year we delay cutting pollution, the job gets harder for our children

The Zero Carbon Bill will drive meaningful climate change action in New Zealand. The Bill will commit New Zealand to zero carbon by 2050 or sooner, set a legally binding pathway to this target, and require the Government to make a plan. New Zealand has committed to combat climate change both under the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. But there are no laws in place to ensure we reach the targets set – hence, the Zero Carbon Bill.

We're not in uncharted territory here

In 2008, the United Kingdom passed a Climate Change Act to establish a climate commission - future proofing their economy and leading the way for the international community. Since then, UK emissions have fallen by 28% - and Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Ireland, and several US states have followed suit.

“… The nuclear free moment of my generation and I am determined 

we will tackle it.” 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

- In NZ, sea level rise is projected to rise by 30 cm by 2065 (Parliament commissioner for the Environment);

- Extreme weather events are increasing due to Climate Change. Last year, Houston had to deal with the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic)and thousands dead and millions displaced in Asia

Back the Plan: Back to Zero is a coalition of 15 Leading International Development agencies: