Tell politicians to rewire the economy

Let’s make 2020 the year we reset our economies to care for each other, not billionaires’ fortunes.

We all want to live in a world that values and acknowledges what we do and who we are.

But right now in the midst of a global pandemic and the economic recession of the century the economy is enriching and protecting the vast fortunes of a privileged few while billions of people struggle to stay afloat. Oxfam’s report Time To Care  reveals that women around the world are working 12.5 billion hours a day to cook, clean, care and do so much more, for poverty wages or nothing at all. Meanwhile the richest 22 men in the world own more wealth than all the women in Africa.

This year, we need to rewire the economy so that it supports the right things – like the care work of millions of women and girls – instead of billionaires’ wealth. Taxing wealth can help us do that.

The wealth of New Zealand’s billionaires has increased from US$4 billion in 2006 to over US$12 billion in 2019, but New Zealand currently has no form of wealth tax. 

Just 0.5% of the wealth of New Zealand's richest person would provide our government $68 million dollars to invest in things like teacher aides and after-school care, to support women in the huge amounts of care work they contribute to our society.

Will you call for politicians to build a caring economy in 2020?

To read more about Oxfam's Time To Care report and how we can build a caring economy, click here. If you're needing more information before you post on politicians' pages or to respond to comments online, feel free to get in touch with us at