Let's stand up to climate destruction together

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Tell Minister Peters to resource a thriving Pacific and help New Zealand play its part.

Imagine community-run solar power giving young girls light to do their homework by in Bangladesh, and abundant, resilient food gardens sustaining families in Vanuatu. A thriving, climate-resilient future is within everyone’s grasp – but New Zealand isn’t pulling its weight to resource this.

The Green Climate Fund is a vital source of money for helping poorer countries create resilient food systems and get clean energy. Right now, the government is deciding what its renewed contribution will be, and they need to know that Kiwis want them to step up. This is a unique opportunity to express global solidarity and partnership with countries and communities most affected by climate destruction

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What's the problem?

Places like Vanuatu and Bangladesh have contributed the least to destroying our common home, the Earth, and have the least resources to respond. Yet they are facing the most intense impacts from climate breakdown, right now. New Zealand has a responsibility to support the resilience, resolve and leadership of those at the front lines. Stepping up funding for the Green Climate Fund is a key way to do this.

Wealthy countries including New Zealand promised to mobilise $100 billion a year by 2020 to support poorer countries to get clean energy and adapt to climate destruction, a key part of fulfilling the Paris Agreement. But we’re a long way off from achieving that. A safe, thriving future must be available for everyone, everywhere, and not just the privilege of richer countries.

The New Zealand government has contributed just US$3 million to the Green Climate Fund since 2014 – a long way off a fair share of global climate financing goals.* By comparison, Germany has doubled its initial contribution to US$1.7 billion. Our contribution per person is over 70 times less than Germany’s. That’s not good enough.

How do we fix it?

We’re asking Winston Peters to take us closer to doing our fair share by contributing US$30 million to the Green Climate Fund replenishment round this October, and to develop a plan for increasing our contribution further.**

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* If New Zealand were to contribute a proportionally similar amount to Germany, we would need to be announcing $152 million to the upcoming replenishment of the GCF (https://www.wri.org/blog/2019/04/how-much-should-countries-contribute-green-climate-funds-replenishment)

** New Zealand contributes to climate finance for Pacific countries through its aid programme. Oxfam supports a continued rising aid budget, with climate finance rising proportionally within this aid budget. It is crucial that New Zealand shows its support for multilateral solutions like the Green Climate Fund under the Paris Agreement. An ambitious and successful replenishment is essential for the GCF to continue its work as the largest funder of climate finance globally.