This action is no longer available, but you can still make a difference now, Silence the guns and save lives.

In many countries worldwide, this pandemic will be a crisis on top of crisis. In conflict, disaster and poverty, people are often already struggling without vital basics like water, food and sanitation, let alone a health service like our incredible NHS.

Ask the Foreign Minister to take leadership and silence the guns - Sign the Petition

Silence the Guns

Thousands of people took the Yemen MP action in August and September, thank you. We reached hundreds of MPs. Over the last two years, your campaigning has helped persuade the government to support peace talks in Yemen and avert an attack on a main port city.

Your voice is already making a difference to lives, where war, hunger and disease mean millions of people desperately affected. Anything you can give today can help us to continue our vital work and help people to rebuild their lives once again. Thank you.

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