Stand with communities on the front line of climate change

Climate change is making headlines as activists across the world demand a safe future for us all. Parliament has declared a climate emergency. That’s a crucial first step. But now it’s time for urgent action.

Climate change isn’t a looming crisis –it’s a destructive force that is taking thousands of lives right now. In March, Cyclone Idai caused devastating flooding in Mozambique, submerging entire villages and creating a humanitarian disaster. This was quickly followed by Cyclone Kenneth, the first time on record that two such powerful storms have hit the country so close together.

The UK Government has committed to end our contribution to climate change by 2050. But time is not on our side. The UK can and must act faster.

Will you let your MP know we want serious and urgent action?

We're pushing for immediate action to:

  • End the UK’s contribution to climate change: Rapidly put in place ambitious policies to phase out fossil fuels and slash emissions now to get us on track to net zero as soon as possible.
  • Urgently scale up investment to tackle the climate emergency at home and in developing countries.
  • Putting the environment and climate action at the heart of the UK’s international agenda, including at UN summits and the G7.

The time is now to end the UK’s contribution to climate change and scale up our climate finance to developing countries, helping them reduce their own emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change.