Stand As One with Refugees

Push the UK Government to deliver a world where refugees are welcome

We all want to live in safety with our loved ones. In a place we can call home. But conflict, disaster and poverty has made home a distant memory for millions of people.

Closed borders, dangerous journeys, and lack of support are making it near impossible for families who have lost everything to get the essentials they desperately need, such as clean water, food and toilets, to live safely and with dignity.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is about to be a huge opportunity to create a more welcoming world for people forced to flee – September’s UN meeting on refugees.

With your help, we can make sure the UK Government walks in to this meeting, knowing that as a country we expect them to help people find the safety they desperately need around the world. It is the biggest opportunity of its kind in almost 70 years.

Send a message to MPs today and share what home means to you. 

Your message will form part of our call to MPs in September, urging the UK government to help deliver a different world where refugees are welcome, where people can find the safety and stability they need to rebuild their lives.