Request more Tag Your Bag stickers

Don't run out of Tag Your Bag stickers.

If you need some more Tag Your Bag stickers to allow Oxfam to claim Gift Aid on your latest clear-out, please enter your details below, or call us on 0300 200 1300.

We'll send you a new set of Tag Your Bag stickers in the post which you can stick onto the bags you donate to your local shop to make your pre-loved items worth 25% more to Oxfam. Having a clear-out feels good. Ending poverty feels even better.

Alternatively, you can download tags here. (PDF 550KB)

Please note: T
1) This form is for those who have already signed up for the Tag Your Bag scheme. 
2) Due to scheduled maintenance, your tags may take an additional 10 working days to arrive.

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