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Photo: Khadija Farah/Oxfam

Most of my animals have died for the three years that this drought has been with us … life is getting harder by the day.”

Diyaara, Kenya.

Broken promises of G7 Leaders are claiming lives

In the time it takes you to read this, someone has likely lost their life due to hunger.

Every 48 seconds, a person is estimated to be dying from lack of food in East Africa. Widespread droughts and conflicts in the region and elsewhere, have sent prices soaring and led to major food shortages with 28 million people in urgent and immediate need of food to survive. The drought is having devastating consequences, specifically for women and children.

We must save lives now

Last year, G7 leaders pledged to provide funds to end global hunger, ensure vital aid reaches vulnerable communities and address the root causes of the climate crisis and poverty.

They promised, but they haven’t delivered.

A range of groups in East Africa are coming together to work with and support communities, specifically women and young people. But the broken promises of G7 Leaders are hampering their efforts and preventing communities from responding now and working together to find sustainable solutions and peace.

It’s time to demand our leaders act.

On the 26th June, the G7 Summit will take place in Germany. We are urgently calling on Boris Johnson and the UK Government to provide funding for East Africa and push the G7 to keep the promises they made to the world last year.

We are asking the UK Government to:

  1. Provide the money needed by reversing the damaging aid cuts - returning to the 0.7% aid target - and providing at least £900million of funding immediately to East Africa to avert famine and suffering.
    Push other G7 leaders to make good on the commitment last year to deliver $7 billion to address famine now.
  2. Make sure aid gets to those who need it, especially women and girls who are bearing the brunt of the crisis. Use all diplomatic and economic means to ensure unrestricted humanitarian access. Support local actors (especially women-led and youth groups) responding to the crisis.
  3. Address the root causes of the crisis by increasing funding and support to countries in the region facing escalating climate impacts and conflict, by protecting civilians from harm, investing in addressing gender inequality and supporting inclusive peace processes that meaningfully includes diverse groups of women.

Add your name to tell Boris Johnson and the G7 leaders to act now to save lives, provide vital funds and halt the climate crisis.

Sign now. There is no time to waste.

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