Emergency letter to Boris Johnson

The climate emergency is affecting millions of the world’s poorest people, right now.

With no time to waste, and with the UK hosting a crucial UN Climate Change summit in Glasgow in 2020, we’re writing to Boris Johnson urging him to make the climate emergency his top priority.

The Budget on the 11th March is the first test of whether the government is serious about tackling the Climate Emergency. This is their chance to announce the money and policies needed to get the UK on track for Net-Zero carbon emissions.

Will you join us and add your name to our letter before we deliver it on the 4th March?

Oxfam GB
John Smith Drive,
Boris Johnson,
No.10 Downing Street,

Dear Prime Minister

The climate emergency is making life almost unbearable for millions of the poorest people on Earth.

Right now, 52 million people in 18 countries across Africa are facing crisis levels of hunger from droughts, flash floods and other extreme weather. One person is forced from their home every two seconds by climate related disasters.

To avoid even further catastrophic impacts of climate change, we must keep global warming below 1.5C.

We are all willing to make changes in our own lives to help meet this target, but as the host of the crucial UN Climate Change summit in Glasgow this November, the UK government must take immediate and bold steps, showing the leadership needed to keep this goal within reach.

Therefore, we urge you to:

  • Take immediate action to get the UK on track for net-zero emissions much earlier than the current 2050 deadline, without buying carbon offsets from other countries.
  • Take responsibility for reducing the UK's entire carbon footprint, including emissions from the food and products we import which occur outside of UK borders.
  • Ensure that poorer countries receive sufficient funds to cope with the brutal impacts of a climate crisis they did little to cause and themselves transition to zero-carbon economies.

Yours sincerely

Toni Pearce, Head of Government Relations
plus [Your name]

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