We Can End Extreme Inequality

Oxfam’s research shows that a few actions could make a huge difference to the lives of millions living in poverty – in Canada and around the world. Inequality is not inevitable. Much can be done to even it up, and make the world a fairer place.

How can you help?

By joining the Even It Up campaign you will be joining thousands across the world who are standing up in the face of rising inequality.

Together we will call on decision-makers to:

  • • Make economic policies that close the gap between women and men.
  • • Make tax systems that are fair and free of loopholes, so that the richest pay their fair share.
  • • Invest in vital public services like healthcare and education so that the poorest can live with dignity.
  • • Encourage industry to make decent jobs that pay living wages.

The world is ready to act. Are you?