Noni B Group: Commit to pay a living wage!

Do you believe that the women who make our clothes must be paid enough to live on? Together, we can demand Noni B Group make real commitments to living wages.

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Big brands can put an end to the system of entrenched exploitation and the widespread payment of poverty wages, which keeps the women who make our clothes living in poverty.

While big, powerful brands make huge revenues, the women who make our clothes struggle to survive. Women like Chameli in Bangladesh, who runs out of food to feed her family of five at the end of the month; Tania, also in Bangladesh, who only sees her young daughter twice per year; and Minh in Vietnam, who worries about her son having safe water to drink.

Australian clothing brands like Noni B Group are part of the system that has created this injustice. These brands have the power to change the lives of the women who make our clothes. They can do this by making a credible commitment to a living wage – and publishing a timeframe to reach key milestones along the way.

In October 2019, many brands have done the right thing. Best&Less, Factory X (Gorman, Dangerfield, Alannah Hill plus more), and PAS Group (Review, Designworks, Jets Swimwear and more) have made real plans to work towards ensuring everyone making their clothes is paid enough to cover the basics. They join Kmart, Target, Cotton On Group, City Chic and Elk who made living wage commitments earlier in 2019. We know it’s possible for big brands to pay a living wage. Now it’s Noni B Group’s turn to do the right thing.

The Noni B Group own many brands – Autograph, beme, Crossroads, Katies, Liz Jordan, Millers,Noni B, Rivers, Rockmans, Table Eight and W. Lane. Noni B Group lags behind many other brands not only in their lack of commitment to living wages, but also in supply chain transparency – they have not yet released the names and locations of their supplier factories, keeping them in hiding.

Noni B Group must make a real, credible commitment to a living wage so the women who make our clothes can lift themselves, and their families, out of poverty.

Brands listen to us because we buy their clothes. Raise your voice and email Noni B Group today!