End Sweatshops Now

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Four years after the devastating collapse of the Rana Plaza Factory in Bangladesh, some large clothing brands and retailers in Australia are still refusing to protect the women making their clothing. Tell brands to publish the locations of their factories now!

We’ve known about ‘sweatshops’ for decades. 

Overcrowded factories where workers, often women or children, work long hours under dangerous conditions and with managers concerned more about the bottom line than the safety. But sweatshops are not a problem of the past. These are the very conditions that lead to the collapse of the Rana Plaza Factory in 2013 which claimed the lives of over 1100 workers, mostly young women.

Since then the fashion industry has come a long way. 

Hundreds of clothing companies from around the world have signed the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord and some have taken the extra step of publishing the locations of their factories, both in Bangladesh and around the world. This enables independent audits of working conditions and empowers workers to raise problems more easily up the chain. Without full transparency there is no way of knowing if the women making our clothing are working in safe and fair conditions. 

Despite the leadership of big international brands like Levis, Kmart and H&M, some companies are still refusing to take meaningful action to ensure that women are not working in dangerous sweatshops. It's time for all brands to be accountable.

Your support will bolster our work pressuring these companies to protect their workers.