Demand Myer end poverty wages

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Nahida, Forida and Anju (pictured) make our clothes. They work hard to give their children a better life, but because brands like Myer allow poverty wages, they don’t earn enough to cover even the basics of life – food and decent shelter.

Myer workers like these mums earn as little as 39 cents/hour, keeping them in poverty.

Myer lags well behind in creating a fairer fashion industry. Unlike many other brands, Myer has not yet committed to workers safety by signing the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord

Myer has so far refused to become more transparent and accountable by bringing factory locations out of hiding. Since the launch of What She Makes in October 2017, Myer have ignored requests to meet and talk with Oxfam representatives.

This Mother’s Day, send a message to the new Myer CEO, demanding a living wage for the women, many of them mothers, who make our clothes.