Big W and Bonds: Put your words into action!

Do you believe that the women who make our clothes must be paid enough to live on? Together, we can demand Bonds and Big W put their words into action and make real commitments to living wages.
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Big brands can put an end to the system of entrenched exploitation and the widespread payment of poverty wages, which keeps the women who make our clothes living in poverty.

While big, powerful brands make huge revenues, the women who make our clothes struggle to survive. Women like Chameli in Bangladesh, who runs out of food to feed her family of five at the end of the month; Tania, also in Bangladesh, who only sees her young daughter twice per year; and Minh in Vietnam, who worries about her son having safe water to drink.

Australian clothing brands like Big W and Bonds are part of the system that has created this injustice. Big W sources clothes from Bangladesh, Vietnam and other countries, while Bonds owns its own factories Vietnam (and other countries.)

These brands have the power to change the lives of the women who make our clothes. They can do this by making a credible commitment to a living wage – and publishing a timeframe to reach key milestones along the way.

What have Bonds and Big W committed to so far?

Big W has taken some positive steps, including putting some initiatives in place to improve grievance mechanisms in their system. Their 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility strategy also states they will move towards paying living wages, and Big W are committed to working with Oxfam and other stakeholders into the future.

But as yet, Big W have not published clear milestones for action on achieving living wages with time frames.

Bonds (owned by HanesBrands) recently published survey results on workers’ wellbeing in their factories, including some information on wages. But this isn’t enough to show living wages are paid. Over 80% of garments come from factories HanesBrands directly owns, or from contractors who only provide garments for HanesBrands. This means they have direct control over workers’ wages.

But, HanesBrands are yet to make a clear, credible commitment on living wages.

Brands listen to us because we buy their clothes. Raise your voice and email Big W and Bonds today!