URGENT: Environment Minister Melissa Price has given the final federal approval for the Adani coal mine - but it's not too late to stop this project! Send an urgent message to all candidates this election: If you want my vote, you must #StopAdani.

The climate election

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The climate crisis has arrived.

We know the solutions are here, now. From Fiji to Bangladesh, those on the frontlines of climate change are blazing the path to a just, vibrant and clean-energy powered future. Now it’s time for us all to follow their lead, and side with people over big polluters. 

This starts with you and me. Together, we can make this the climate election.

Our next government must step up to stop climate damage, end Australia’s climate pollution, support clean energy for all, and play our part in limiting warming to 1.5C. For many, it’s a matter of survival.

From crippling droughts to rising seas, the cost of digging and burning coal is being measured in more hunger, communities forced from their land and homes, and entrenched poverty.

The decisions we make today will profoundly impact the lives of communities here and abroad far into the future. So let’s make this the climate election!

Oxfam supporters across the country are meeting with their local candidates to hold them accountable. We’re taking this petition with us. Add your name and together we can make our voices heard.