Climate justice

25,167 / 30,000 actions

We know that a future of zero poverty, zero carbon pollution, and jobs and prosperity for all is possible. 

And that everyone, including our new government, is concerned with people’s welfare and wants to see secure jobs, a safer climate and healthy thriving communities.

Now it’s time for all of us to lead the way.

Let’s be frank, climate action has suffered a setback. But some things have not changed. The climate crisis is here, now. The solutions already exist. And the movement for climate justice is strong and growing.

From crippling droughts to rising seas, the cost of digging and burning coal is being measured in more hunger, communities forced from their land and homes, and entrenched poverty.

Big money and fossil fuel interests will fight hard to protect their profits and steal our future. The only defence we have is a united voice that stands up for communities against vested interests and holds our government to account.

Our new government must find a path beyond coal, unlock Australia’s renewable energy potential, and support communities here and overseas with adapting to extreme weather and growing disaster risks.

It’s time to double down and build hope for a more just and sustainable future.

From Fiji to Bangladesh, those on the frontlines of climate damage are blazing a path to a just, vibrant and clean energy powered future. First Nations are fighting to protect country. And across Australia, cities, states, businesses and communities are forging ahead, in spite of government inaction.

Now, more than ever, it’s time for us to work together and focus on real climate solutions that promise a better future for all Australians and our neighbours.

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