Change the conversation on coal

The truth is that more coal = more poverty.

But this is not the conversation Australia is having about the dangers of coal. Under the corrosive influence of the coal barons, some politicians are spinning a dangerous and deceptive story to the Australian community.

But we can change the conversation. Writing a letter to your local paper is an easy and effective way to have your voice heard by thousands of people in your community.

Many local MPs keep a close eye on the media to see what their constituents are saying. You can influence their thinking about your community's needs and help shape the opinions they take to Canberra.

Together, we can spark a national conversation about the dangers of coal and why Australia must switch to clean energy — to protect the planet and everyone we share it with.

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Here are some key facts you can mention:

  • More coal = more poverty. Climate change, fuelled by dirty coal production, will push a staggering 122 million people into extreme poverty by 2030 unless we take immediate action.
  • Burning coal is a public health disaster of epic proportions. Globally, the air pollution from burning coal is responsible for hundreds of thousands of premature deaths every year and millions of asthma cases.
  • Tackling poverty and inequality means bringing an end to the fossil fuel era, beginning with no new coal and supporting renewable energy for all.
  • Coal can’t meet the energy needs of the world’s poorest communities. The vast majority of energy-poor households in developing countries live beyond the reach of the electricity grid.
  • Renewables are the clear answer to bringing electricity to those who currently live without it. Renewable energy is already bringing transformative benefits for communities around the world.

Here's how the Australian Government can take real action on climate change:

  • Commit to no new coalmines or coalmine expansions in Australia, including saying no to Adani’s Carmichael mega mine.
  • Increase support for renewable energy plans in developing countries.
  • Completely phase-out coal and other fossil fuels from Australia’s energy system, including shifting to 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Australia must achieve zero emissions before 2040.
  • Give greater support to vulnerable countries who are adapting to the escalating impacts of climate change.

Want more information? Read our new report, More Coal Equals More Poverty

Our top tips for writing a Letter to the Editor:

  • Respond directly to coal and climate articles that have appeared in your local paper. Make sure you cite the title of the article and the date it was published. And don't wait too long to send it!
  • If you aren't responding directly to a recent article, tie your letter to a current coal or climate change issue in the news. Such as the Adani coal mine or the Trump Administration's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Keep it short! Under 150 words is best. 

Good luck! 

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